Gineen Bresso for Congress (R-FL)

America must change course immediately. By compiling a $15 trillion debt, adding unnecessary layers of bureaucracy, and failing to represent the citizenry responsibly, the government is leading the country down a dangerous path.

Whether it’s through destructive economic policies or a lack of true representation, your government is failing you. Remember, the government is designed to work for you—and when it’s not working correctly, it’s your right to change it. With a history of strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and independent thinking, Gineen Bresso provides you with an alternative to the status quo.

In March of 2011, Gineen took a stand for the people by testifying to Congress in opposition to her own agency’s budget. As a commissioner on U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Gineen argued that the agency is allocating “too much money on the bureaucratic infrastructure—and not enough on agency activities and programs” that benefit voters.

Today, you need a candidate who is willing to stand up for what’s right and offer new solutions. With Gineen as your representative, you will get a public servant committed to restoring fiscal responsibility, eliminating wasteful spending, promoting healthy economic policies, protecting civil liberties, increasing transparencies, and changing the culture in Washington. After all, this election is about your ideas, your voice, and your willingness to challenge the status quo.

Now, it’s time to fix what’s broken in Washington. As a candidate whom is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of today, Gineen is determined to make your government work for you once again, and with your vote, you can help our country get back on track.